We believe in life-long learning. We are innovation brokers. We are strategists and doers.

Companies that believe in profit and purpose, non-profits and foundations with transformative missions, are invaluable to making our collective world brighter and bolder.

PhilanthroSynthesisTM is our unique process of enabling an organization’s existing assets, energized by its mission and vision, to establish a new level of sustainability and success.


Experienced. Professional. Nimble.

VEGA Partners bring highly capable and sought-after consultants to our clients. We curate project teams to align with our client’s priorities, culture and leadership, giving a unique advantage for innovation and impact.




VEGA Partners is led by Managing Principal Suzanne Griffith. Suzanne’s 15-year expertise in the third sector is a unique integration of corporate, non-profit and philanthropic experience. She is sought after for her ability to connect people and organizations and synthesize ideas and strategies that lead to innovative work. She delivers results and adds value that create new advantages. Suzanne leads the firm with a passion for infusing creativity yet attuning to client’s specific culture and priorities.



We created Navigate Nonprofit for small nonprofits.